Local Moving

If you are moving in or around the Bay Area, you are looking for local movers that you can trust - and fit into your budget. Thankfully, you don’t have to look further.

What is a local move?

A local move is a relocation that happens within a radius of 100 miles. Local moving companies serve different areas, so some might not cover your entire city, or some towns surrounding your city.

Even though local moving is generally less stressful and difficult than a long-distance move, you still need to plan ahead and find motivated movers that you can trust your belongings with.

Experienced local movers will know how to expertly avoid traffic, keep your move on track and work efficiently to ensure you get the best possible service while finishing your move in a record amount of time. After all - that is why you are hiring professional movers, to begin with.

Finding local movers can be a tough task since there truly are so many, but we can help you find the best movers for your needs.

What to look for in local movers?

You don’t want to hire just about anyone to take your life and move it elsewhere, you want everything done perfectly. Finding the right local movers for your upcoming transition can be easy when you know what you are looking for.

Licensed and insured. Moving is not as easy and simple as it seems, it requires training to perfect. The right moving company will background check their employees along with providing them with proper training so they don’t train at your home - with your belongings at stake.

Customer service. The first impression you get is very important when calling local movers. If they don’t offer decent customer service, what can you expect from their moving services? Your local movers should offer support, advice, and be open to your questions whenever you may have them. Good service should start with the first phone call.

The service you need. If you are moving your office, you should be looking at office movers specifically. Don’t hire someone that specializes in residential moving only, or vice versa. You are looking for local movers that offer the services that you need, to ensure that they are actually fit for the job.

Local moving tips

Below you will find some general moving tips that can make an impact in the long run:

  • Reserve your movers ahead of time. Finding good last-minute movers can be pretty tricky, especially during the summer, so make sure to reserve your move at least two weeks in advance.
  • Start packing early. As early as you can start - the better. You will have more time to keep everything organized as the moving day approaches.
  • Keep an “essentials kit” by your side. You will need easy access to some items during your move or right when you move in, so make sure to make a list beforehand.
  • Prepare as much as possible in advance. Your move will be quicker, therefore cheaper if you decide to do some work before your local movers arrive. Disassemble your bed or wrap some of your furniture so your movers don’t have to, to cut some corners on your moving costs.

Hire local movers

If you are looking for local movers that specialize in many different moving types, and also care about their clients - you’ve found us. We want to make sure every step of the way is paved for your move’s success, from the moment you give us a call until the last item is loaded off our moving truck. Give us a call for a free moving quote, or simply request one on our website.

Let’s start planning your move!